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hello, welcome to my another blog post, after I write Getting Started with FastAPI, in this post we will discuss How API works, and work with it 😄

here is a post topic

  • What is API
  • Why we Need API
  • How To API works
  • Build Simple API projects with FastAPI

At first, we talked about API or Application Programming Interface, which allows interaction of two or more software to communicate with each other,
with API we do not worry about the platform, for example, you have a website like Facebook, the website can open in a browser, but you need android/IOS…

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hello welcome to my other blog post, in this post we will discuss another way to build API with python, we will talk about Fast API how to build API with this framework, any better way to learn this framework, and why use this framework, in this post, we will discuss it thoroughly, see the discussion below

this is the outline of our discussion

  • Introduction To FastApi
  • Project Preparing
  • Build Simple Project with FastAPI

Fast API is a modern web framework to build modern API based on python 3.6+ …

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using python for data formatting it's a good idea in this blog we will see how to work with YAML file, and how to process YAML file format in python, now we’re going to break it down into several stages, including

  • what is YAML
  • Installing PyYAML
  • Understanding YAML File
  • Read YAML File in Python
  • Read YAML Documents
  • YAML dump in Python
  • Writing YAML File
  • YAML Sorting Keys

After knowing some steps above, I assume that I have installed the python interpreter on each device, then let’s start

YAML (YAML Ain’t Markup Language) is human-readable data serialization language it's commonly used…

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hello my name is Feri Lukmansyah(Feri Lukmansyah), now we talk about python programming language, do you know python is a powerful, with python we can build web applications, desktop applications, android application and many others.

In this case we will talk about how to deploy flask application to Heroku, There are many ways to deploy this flask application like deploying in and heroku.

In this blog I will discuss how to deploy a flask application in Heroku, This is a walkthrough that illustrates how to deploy a Flask application using heroku

Flask > Backend

Heroku > Hosting

There are…

Feri Lukmansyah

Excited With Python Linux, and Love Code, Writing and Many others

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