Push Your Hardskill using Django: Designing your API with Postman

Most Important in software development especially backend, like creating API or designing how to program or software works, and the core concept for building application, so in this post we will discuss about it

The Core

here is the basic of postman

  • Get Postman
  • Create Virtual Environtment
  • Create Requests
  • Create Mock Server

Get Postman

First, to Get postman visit https://www.postman.com/downloads/ and download it

Create Virtual Environtment

in postman we can create virtual environment so we can isolate the specific configuration for mockup API

to create virtual environment in postman, click environment menu

Create Requests

The other important step is create requests, in this step, we will build API response for our mockup, first create the collection for our API

and create request with body like this

Creating the Mock Server

With the mock server we can simulate production flow in our API and we can pararel works with our team

that’s how to use postman, in the next part we will try to make a case study of e-commerce API


in building a software, especially web-based and we can use it also on mobile we need an API to connect them all



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