Mastering Cyber Security: Web Security Series: The Fundamental

Feri Lukmansyah
2 min readNov 25, 2023
Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

In this section, this is the beginning of learning cyber security, about what you need to learn to be able to analyze and secure data from an application

Get Started

in learning about cyber security, there are several important concepts that must be instilled when learning about this field, a small example of solving technical problems is a way to gain the trust of the people who work with you.

now if you want to enter this field it is mandatory to upgrade your skills and expand your practice, here I will discuss what you will need to develop skills and increase your experience in learning cybersecurity

so let’s get started

Building and Using Virtual Machines

using virtual machines you can build or create another operating system on your computer, without breaking or removing your primary operating system because this OS runs and is Managed by Software call hypervisor

A Hypervisor

The Hypervisor can help you manage your computer resources like CPU, RAM, and Many others

what can you do with this?

with this VM Technology, you can maximize your skill and make you effective in any situation.

with VM you can research and create flexibility in isolated environments :) without affection your main computer

Learn Command Line

this is one of the main skills that must be possessed by a pentester, with a command line you can work 3x faster in handling things or checking logs to identify cases, the command line is also the most effective way to interact with computers.

Mastery System Administrations

this step involves configuring and maintaining the computers, whatever a personal device or server, and trying to push the limit, for example, you log in to your Sosmed account without saving login info

Computer Networking

the mean is understanding how devices interact with each other, and how to get data from point A to Point B. A strong foundation in computer networking will make you a good troubleshooter, there’s 2 important concept models of networking

  • TCP/IP
  • OSI (Open System Interconnection)

Personal digital Security

This is an area I’ve been particularly passionate about because it affected our family friends and many others, if want to go deep into cyber security, there’s no better place to start than with yourself.

Stay Up to Date

this is an important step, stay updated with cyber security news, best practices, and many others.