Escape from Blocking IP using Rotating Proxy in Python Case Study

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Often what we encounter in scraping is IP blocking, which is a condition where our IP is blocked when making requests to a site, there are several ways to bypass it.

  • Using VPN
  • Using Proxy

With these two ways, we can avoid our IP being blocked by the destination website when we send a lot of requests

Using VPN

in this case, we must have a VPN, there are several ways to get a VPN such as buying or we can get it for free there are also we activate the VPN on our host computer and then using it for scraping

Using Proxy

To Implement Proxy with Python for scraping, we can use many tools for example are requests

and here if using selenium


Well, this way we can bypass and do scraping without having to worry about our IP being blocked, okay that's it, originally posted in:

Interesting with Blockchain and Opensource Project my journal:

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Feri Lukmansyah

Feri Lukmansyah

Interesting with Blockchain and Opensource Project my journal:

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