Easy Way to Setup your Android Device to run Flutter Project

Feri Lukmansyah
3 min readAug 30, 2021


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hello and welcome back to my blog, in this post I will discuss how to Run Flutter Project on an android device

Background on this Case

I working on a medium project that was created with flutter, then I debug that app with an Android emulator, the project running slowly and very annoying and time-consuming that’s why I’m looking for a way to debug a flutter project using a real device or an Android device, here’s how

What do you need?

first You need some utilities like

  • USB Cable
  • Android Device

now after preparing what is needed we enter the execution stage

Connect Android Device to Computer or Laptop Using USB Cable

in the first step, you need to connect your android device to your computer using a USB cable after that select file transfer via USB

Select USB file Transfer

Activate Developer Option On your Android Device

The Next step is to Activate the Developer Option on your Android Device

  • go to setting and find About Phone Settings
  • Tap on Version
  • Tab compilation Number repeatedly
select version number
click compilation number repeatedly

after developer mode is Activate go to the developer option to activate USB Debugging

activate debugging USB

Install Mirroring Application to Mirror your Android Device in Your Computer

after activating the developer option on the android device, the next step is to Install Mirroring Apps on your computer, in this case, I use scrcpy


before use, these tools make sure your flutter is already setup, to setup follow these article

guide to install can be read here

after installed you can run with the command



scrcpy -m 1920

for Oppo or Realme

make sure in Vscode or Android Studio your Android Device is Detected

detect on visual studio code
detect on Android Studio

now you see your android device displays on your computer

the project showed on android device then mirroring to your Computer

Until here, the post-session this time may be useful, thank you for reading, click here to join our community