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hello and welcome, in this discussion I will share how to Build Wallpaper Apps using Flutter, in this part I will show the process how to build it

this is the table of Content What will we be the topic this time

Table of Content

let’s go straight to the topic of the first discussion

Creating Your Flutter Project

lets creating a flutter project to start building wallpaper apps

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Hello And Welcome to other notes, in this post I will discuss how to set up flutter in Android Studio Linux.

here is a table of content

History of Problem

I was Try Flutter Framework to developing Android Apps so I use Android Studio IDE…

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Arch Linux is My favorite Distros, In addition to being lightweight, this distribution is also storage efficient, besides that it is also easy to separate configuration files in different partitions.

but there are various problems when I re-install

Know the Problem

In this case, I use HP Elitebook 2570p, with MBR boot setup, after I success Installing Arch Linux, I use slim-login manager for my setup but after installing I got colored screen on my display after I read Docs And re-check my system the VGA driver is not installed successfully,

so hardware acceleration doesn’t work properly :(

Accelerate Hardware in Arch Linux

in this case, the system…

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hello and welcome to other notes, The topic of discussion this time is how to do a scheduling function in python using the schedule module

that an interesting topic now let’s get started

now install schedule from pip

pip install schedule

look from PyPI

now let’s create a simple function to demonstrate how to scheduling in python

import time
import schedule

def jobs():
start: float = time.time()
print('Im Working hard')
end: float = time.time()
print(f"Time Estimated {end - start}")

# scheduling steps

if __name__ == '__main__':
while True:

In this function we calculate how many seconds it…

hello and welcome to my little notes, in this post, I will discuss callback Function, Asynchronous Function, and Promise then implementing in JavaScript with case Study

in this post, I will discuss these topics

now let’s get started


A callback function is a function passed into another function as an argument, which is then invoked inside the outer function to complete some kind of routine or action, for example when you want to process asynchronous data or data that cannot…

hello and welcome to another blog post, in this post I will discuss about how to install and setup Mongo Database (MongoDB) in Arch Linux, when I’m working on a personal project using TypeScript, and the project requires some dependencies, also a database, and the database I use is MongoDB, when I use Ubuntu I don’t find any errors, when I’ve migrated using Arch Linux I got an error

Fixing Import GPG key Error

I got this error because I use mongodb-bin from AUR that is a pre-build package from official ubuntu repository, after I try to install mongo DB from official ubuntu repo i…

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hello welcome to another blog post, in this post I will talk about structuring the Django project so that it is easy for developers to understand and manage and can easily include various features, this is the second day of the challenge “7 Days Push Your Hard Skill Using Django” let’s see how the tip is

Understanding The Golden Rule of Django Apps Design

when creating a Django project, it is required that each of those applications should focus on the task, each application must focus on the task, otherwise, the application will be difficult to describe and the size will be enormous, and will be difficult to…

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hello welcome to another blog post In this post I will discuss my experience in completing a 7-day challenge to solidify hard skills using Django, Why do you do this? there are several reasons for me to complete the challenge,

there I do a mistake, while I build the Django Project

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hello, welcome to my another blog post, after I write Getting Started with FastAPI, in this post we will discuss How API works, and work with it 😄

here is a post topic

What is API

At first, we talked about API or Application Programming Interface, which allows interaction of two or more software to communicate with each other,
with API we do not worry about the platform, for example, you have a website like Facebook, the website can open in a browser, but you need android/IOS…

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hello welcome to my other blog post, in this post we will discuss another way to build API with python, we will talk about Fast API how to build API with this framework, any better way to learn this framework, and why use this framework, in this post, we will discuss it thoroughly, see the discussion below

what we will discuss

this is the outline of our discussion

Introduction To Fast API

Fast API is a modern web framework to build modern API based on python 3.6+ …

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